What Happens Now? Reinvent yourself as a leader!

Reinvent Yourself as a Leader Before Your Business Outruns You, by John Hillen and Mark Nevins.


Without a plan to upgrade yourself as the driver of a more sophisticated vehicle, you might deploy old approaches with diminishing returns, and in our experience, you stall at one of seven points:

1. When you fail to create an organizational story that delivers meaning and purpose ; 

2. When you can’t align your team to deliver high performance as one ;

3. When you can’t amplify your influence among important stakeholders ;

4. When you struggle in your ability to explain and lead change ;

5. When your authority slips in the eyes of followers ;

6. When you fail to focus your time and energy to have the most impact ;

7. When you can’t develop your own leaders or prevent them from failing.


How do you over come them? http://www.whathappensnowbook.com


Sometimes the growth of an organization outruns its leader’s skills and the leader hits a career stall point. John Hillen and Mark Nevins focus on the issue of leaders who try to solve challenges solely by engineering solutions to more complexity leading to organizational wreckage. What Happens Now? shows leaders how to reinvent themselves in order to attain personal growth and organizational success by inspiring people, nurturing relationships, energizing teams, grooming successors and influencing stakeholders.


  Leverage this post

  • Think of a situation you want/have to address where this post could be relevant
  • Write the model (3-7 key steps) that would ensure your optimal performance for addressing the situation
  • Apply your model to address your situation
  • Finalize the model following your experimentation
  • Share your model with us
  • Develop a routine for this practice as it is a great way to connect Learning and Doing


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