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« What every leader needs to hear » Mark Nevins

As we approach the midpoint of the calendar year, leaders and organizations should be preparing to give their people formal feedback.  Halfway through the year is a good time for feedback, because managers who act for change management can learn from successes as well as mistakes and put in place changes that will lead to better results and outcomes over the second half of the year.

That said, what should happen is not always the same as what does happen, and if you’re like most executives you will, alas, probably neither give nor receive midyear feedback.  That’s a huge missed opportunity, and one you can change, at least for the people you’re responsible for.  (You can also try to generate feedback from your own boss and peers, simply by asking “How Am I Doing?”)

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Leadership and Management – Mark Nevins

Arguing the difference between “management” and “leadership” is an old debate, one that can come across as the business school equivalent of the ancient theological conundrum “How many angels can dance on the head of a pin?” Our colleague John Hillen, a seasoned CEO and board director as well as a Professor at George Mason University, suggests a different way of thinking about these fundamental concepts, and offers some useful insights for anyone in the business of getting results with and through others.

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