A global sales leadership job


Align the ability to consistently deliver expected global sales revenue and capitalize practices and initiatives in all operations to enable an organization meet its sales targets and optimize sales and growth opportunities through the best use of its resources.




  • There is not much written on the role of a global sales leader: it needs to be invented
  • There is a shift from “solution seller” to “strategic growth and challenging partner”
  • A good idea can come from anywhere
  • Managing Data, building relationships in all scopes and taking the initiative appear to be strong action leverages


Why it is important?

  • Best use existing resources
  • Prepare for and ensure the future
  • Spread the risk through global markets
  • Use sales activities as a source of innovation
  • Create a self supporting overall one “sales team”
  • Keep the initiative towards growth
  • Capitalize global activities


What are the challenges?

  • Realize today’s new norm is sales is creativity, innovation and intelligent selling
  • Integrate the data on what customers do and why to get new insights into customers’ needs
  • Work with complex sales competencies at executive levels, using strategic thinking skills…
  • Bridge organizational silos and make sure global, regional and local teams work interdependently
  • Balance benefits of global scale with relevance of local markets
  • Engage with new and emerging audiences
  • Provide frameworks and freedom to act within
  • Balance investments between high profits and High growth regions
  • Give an overall direction


Ideas to act

  • Understand the way you are organized internationally (Bartlett & Ghoshal)
  • Monitor potential opportunities for growth (products – services- markets)
  • Reinvent offer
  • Capture local success stories on innovations and capitalize knowledge
  • Optimize structures, talents and skills in countries
  • Watch trends and Market potentials’ evolutions
  • Drive sales forecasts
  • Value diversity and international collaboration
  • Ensure All front lines are business people with an organizational specialty
  • Share



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